Whatsapp New Agreement Update

WhatsApp`s New Agreement Update: What You Need to Know

WhatsApp, the world`s most popular instant messaging app, recently announced a new update to its terms of service agreement. This update has caused a bit of confusion and concern around the globe. In this article, we`ll cover all the details you need to know about WhatsApp`s new agreement update.

What is the New Agreement Update?

WhatsApp has updated its terms of service agreement and privacy policy, which took effect on May 15th, 2021. This update includes several changes regarding the app`s data usage, third-party services integration, and communication with businesses.

According to WhatsApp, the new agreement update primarily focuses on informing users about how their data is collected, shared, and used by WhatsApp and its parent company, Facebook. This update is in line with the company`s vision to provide transparency to its users.

What Has Changed in the New Agreement Update?

The key changes in the new agreement update are summarized below:

1. Data Collection and Usage: WhatsApp has clarified that it collects certain information from users, such as phone number, device information, and location data, to provide its services. The company has emphasized that it does not keep logs of users` messages and calls.

2. Integration with Facebook Services: WhatsApp has updated its agreement to reflect its integration with Facebook services, which includes sharing some user data with Facebook to improve ad targeting and product experiences. However, WhatsApp has stated that this does not apply to communication with business accounts.

3. Business Communication: WhatsApp has introduced new features for business accounts, such as shopping and customer service messaging. These features require businesses to use Facebook`s hosting services, which may include sharing user data with Facebook.

4. Data Retention: WhatsApp has updated its policy to reflect that it retains some user data for longer periods, such as backup data, to ensure uninterrupted service to users.

What Does the New Agreement Mean for Users?

For most users, the new agreement update is not expected to significantly impact their WhatsApp experience. However, there are a few things that users should be aware of:

1. Privacy Concerns: The new update may raise concerns about users` privacy since WhatsApp has clarified that it will share some user data with Facebook. However, the company has stated that this data sharing does not affect users` chat and call data, which remains encrypted and private.

2. Communication with Businesses: With the new update, WhatsApp has expanded its features for business accounts, which may involve sharing user data with Facebook. Users who communicate with businesses on WhatsApp may want to review the privacy policy and data usage of the businesses they interact with.

3. Data Retention: WhatsApp has updated its policy to reflect that it retains some user data for longer periods. Users who want to delete their WhatsApp account permanently may need to manually remove their backup data from their device.


WhatsApp`s new agreement update aims to provide users with more transparency about their data usage and privacy practices. While some users may have privacy concerns about data sharing with Facebook, it`s important to note that WhatsApp`s chat and call data remain encrypted and private. Overall, the new update is expected to have little impact on most users` WhatsApp experience.

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